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This is a messaging service to stay in touch with friends and see recent news
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Facebook Messenger is a new messaging service which allows Facebook users to chat with friends right from the desktop, but not only that, using it they'll be notified of new friend requests and messages by getting pop-up windows.

The very idea of the application is undoubtedly great as, for instance, when we surf the net or use some other app, this service will definitely come in handy, because we won't have to click away to stay in touch with friends and see recent news.

The app consists of two windows: the main one is for quick notifications to be aware of what is going on your page and the other part just opens chats. Frankly, the interface doesn't look so much sophisticated, even vice versa, I would even call it ''oversimplified'' and, truly, not in the finest sense of this word. Probably, this was made on purpose to create an application which can be easily used by any person, but still the interface doesn't impress: the avatar in the upper right corner looks awful as it's too much compressed.

To get notifications, one can choose either pop-up windows or chat sounds or use them both. This is really convenient so you no longer need to worry about missing something important. When I clicked on Advanced Settings, I was a bit confused to see just three options like 'Turn on chat for all friends except...' or for some friends and 'Turn it off', seriously such settings can hardly be called 'advanced'.

The Help option will redirect you to the Facebook page where you''ll get a very detailed information about the most frequent problems users may face while using this service. This section is really helpful as almost any issue will be explained and solved by using presented tips.

Facebook Messenger is a good application but sometimes synchronization with your page may take a while and notifications appear two or three minutes late.

Alice Cooper
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  • Very simple
  • An easy way to get notifications
  • Detailed Help section


  • Works in Windows 7 and 8
  • The interface is not very attractive
  • Synchronization may take a while
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